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Weekly Memeletter #3

Weekly Memeletter #3

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Welcome to our third weekly newsletter! 

Hopefully a few sensible chuckles will brighten your day ๐Ÿ˜Ž


1. Newest Tee Designs
2. $15 Friday
3. Memes
4. Jokes
5. Videos


Got a few good ones here for ya.

Click the image to see them all in a new window.


Each week we offer one 4.3oz Soft Tee for $9 off (discount automatic in cart/checkout).

That's $15 (little more for the biggest sizes).

Today, March 19th, is National Poultry Day (lol seriously).

In honor of National Cock Day, $15 Friday applies to our chicken designs:


You're welcome in advance. You ready for this?

I don't know either of these people. Quickly becoming a boomer, and proud of it.

I would actually buy these and wear them out.


Nostril staches are cool, soul patches not so much. One of my life goals is to grow out my mustache and my nipple hair then braid them together and hit the beach in my pink speedo.

Dumping those powder packs into the big water coolers, spraying the hose in there, dumping ice in, and boom, you're ready for the soccer game. Nostalgia.

"Aye Tone - this guy says he don't got his code generator."

Fucking geese man. I have some stories of my own involving these horrific beasts.


Your mom's toothbrush

Missing lamb vindaloo, hot. My poor touch hole. 

Sorry about this one

I believe

At least he won't get bugs in his eyes

"I couldn't walk for 2 days"

Sorry again

Always just ask for a double preemptively

Wtf. Also kind of want this on a shirt.


My girlfriend broke up with me for being too un-American. I saw it coming from a kilometre away.

Everyone knows the Big Apple, but not many know what the Minneapolis. 

Having issues at the park with my dog. The ducks are always biting him. Should have known this would happen since he’s pure bread.

Visited a Dorito farm the other day. It was a cool ranch.


I forgot about Ed Bassmaster, but these are classics. 

That's all for this week. Hope you enjoyed it.

- Craig & the team at The Dude's Threads

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