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Weekly Memeletter #4

Weekly Memeletter #4

2 minute read

Welcome to our fourth weekly memeletter! 

Try to get through this without at the very least exhaling quickly and involuntarily through your nostrils.

Bet you can't.


1. Newest Tee Designs
2. $15 Friday
3. Memes
4. Jokes
5. Videos



Each week we offer one 4.3oz Soft Tee for $9 off (discount automatic in cart/checkout).

That's $15 (little more for the biggest sizes).

3/26/21 > 3/28/21


I'm here for you, as always

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Why is the marker at the beginning of the sentence? I'm starting to have doubts about this pic.

Never trust a guy with mirrored shades

This guy is truly brilliant and hilarious. You can see more of his cosplays here.

Y tho?

More like the Grate Cornholio as in sewer grate. I'll show myself out.

Ahem I've been saying these things since long before I was a dad

I'll give you 69 guesses

I've been recommending this guy for all my pregnant friends

(2024 presidential election collection in the process of being added to the store)

Couldn't think of a good bear/drug pun for this one.

It's called FASHION sweetie. Look it up. Also, dat ass.

He has a bit more melanin than your average Irish guy, but I believe him

Specifically that Doritos bag and that Crystal Pepsi really bring back the nostalgia for me


They're cute after like 2 months, maybe

Yes please

Really wonder how this kid found an old pay phone, and why it's in his house

Need to add "keep pushing" after "commit", but still pretty solid

The key was to squeeze the absolute shit out of the bottle


This is one of my earliest memories of a meme when they became a thing

Lots of questions here


Ladies call me Subway because I have low quality meat and lie about being six inches.


Some good ones in here

That's all for this week, have a good one!

- Craig & the team at The Dude's Threads

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