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Memeletter #5

Memeletter #5

2 minute read

Welcome to our fifth weekly memeletter! 

Got some laughs for you below.

100% guaranteed, unless you are in need of surgery on your sense of humor.

Also, Happy Birthday to my brother and business partner Ted, the creative genius behind the scenes. 1/3 of a century today.


1. Newest Tee Designs
2. $15 Friday
3. Memes
4. Jokes
5. Videos


Stay tuned for next week when we release our 2024 Election Collection. We've been working on it all week and it's gonna be freakin awesome.

Basically upgrading the extremely popular 2020 Election Collection for 2024.

But for now you can see all of our newest designs HERE.

Let us know if you have any ideas to add (must have broad appeal).


Each week we offer one 4.3oz Soft Tee for $9 off (discount automatic in cart/checkout).

That's $15 (little more for the biggest sizes).

4/2/21 > 4/4/21

This week's $15 Friday is our most popular new release from last week:


I really hate this, had to share

Me yesterday with this memeletter:

GOAT office

Truly hell

Incidentally, a friend recently told me that people breed dragonflies. Strongly considering it. I'm putting up bat houses soon, so if I breed dragonflies as well, it will be like a mosquito genocide this summer, which is the best kind of genocide.

Related: Missing Bic

Probably the best mask I've seen. Other than THESE of course. 

Absolute sicko


What do you call a deer that doesn't know where it's going? No idea.
(no-eyed deer...I apologize for this one)

My wife asked if I'd seen the dog bowl. I said I didn't know he could.

Why didn't the toilet paper cross the road? It got stuck in a crack.

What do you call an anorexic woman with a yeast infection? A quarter pounder with cheese.

Difference between a genealogist and a gynecologist? A genealogist looks up your family tree, a gynecologist looks up your family bush.

Last joke for this week: go look into a mirror.


Fantastic fail compilation:

That's all for this week, have a good one!

- Craig & the team at The Dude's Threads

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