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Our Harvard and MIT educated t-shirt engineers have come up with a brilliant collection of tee designs that are 100% guaranteed to get reactions when you wear them out.

We cannot, however, guarantee that they will be positive reactions, especially if you live in an area with a preponderance of Karens. Northeastern and Southwestern men should exercise caution when wearing these in public.

Thousands and thousands of satisfied customers.

"had some great comments from the ladies ;)"
- Ivan C

"Wore it once already and received many laughs. Great shirt. Also liked how durable the shirt is."
- Ryan M

"Every time I go to the grocery store woman smile at me"
- Mark T.

"I've had gals take a second look and smile."
- Arthur G.

"Loving the t-shirt as I get some interesting looks and smiles ☺️"
- Robert M.

"Like all the shirts I have purchased from you. Get lots of comments on all of them, positive comments of course."
- Elton C.

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