The Dad Abides

the dad abides t-shirt big lebowski

The best gift a Lebowski loving father could ever hope for. The Dad Abides. 
Megan T: "It WILL be his favorite Father's Day gift! Got ours a couple years ago, & hubby LOVES it. He gets so many comments on it, his co-workers now call him The Dude."

Candy A: "Guys, this will be your dad's best-ever Father's Day gift! That's my husband in the center photo (white beard and shades) channeling The Dude. He has never been more pleased with a shirt. The quality is impeccable. Highly recommend this company. ✨"

Marie N: "I bought this for my husband last Father's Day. He loved it and it was a good quality shirt."

Kristin A: ^ "Ditto! He actually got a compliment on it yesterday while we were walking around."

Nikki P: "I got this for my husband last Father's Day and it is his favorite shirt."

Those are just a few of our happy daughters and wives 😁